My EPG displays shows X hour(s) off, why?
It's probably because of the Daylight Saving Time.
Go to your profile on the website and choose one of the available Timezone Settings.

If you use channels from multiple timezones, we advice to set everything to UTC (Universal Time Coordinated)

Also keep in mind, that working with timezones can be very tricky.

You need to set the right timezone in your apps/software AND on your device.

For example using KODI on Amazon FireTV, you have to set the right timezone on the FireTV device in the settings AND in KODI AND on our site.

Using Windows, you will have to disable automatic Daylight Saving Time and set your clock manually. THEN you will have to set your app's timezone AND the timezone on our site.

And every other device has its own setup. You have to find out on your own for yours.
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